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 Interview by NGGL]Dronzer

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Interview by NGGL]Dronzer Empty
PostSubject: Interview by NGGL]Dronzer   Interview by NGGL]Dronzer EmptySun Dec 21, 2008 7:15 pm

NGGL]Dronzer took a interview with the famous team of USAKorea s2n's manager J.J of how they feel about being able to steal 1st place from the epic France ubiTeam tonight during USAKorea s2n Vs United States Re

NGGL]Dronzer: How do you feel about ubiTeam?
J.J: To be honest, i've never heard or seen of them until NGGL. Definitely seems like they have some talent and skill based upon their results in NGGL, however I dont feel they pose a huge threat to s[2]n.

NGGL]Dronzer: So tonight during s[2]n Vs Re what are your expecting results?
J.J: Hmm, it all depends on my starter's shape, im not quite sure where he's at, but if he plays like i know he can, he might be able to all kill, if not im expecting 4-2.

NGGL]Dronzer: Then how does it feel that there is a CHANCE at being 1st place at NGGL tonight?
J.J: Oh well, it'd be pretty legit to be first, I'd definitely be excited. NGGL is a great league so it'd be awesome to be top ranked in it.

Short Answers:
NGGL]Dronzer: How do you feel about your team?
J.J: Top shape for sure.

NGGL]Dronzer: s[2]n's future?
J.J: Aiming higher, TFL/WHL is a start, then WGS/TGL etc

NGGL]Dronzer: Opinion on some of the teams in NGGL?
J.J: Overall, no complaints, there all reputable teams with decent enougn manner for the most part.

NGGL]Dronzer: Anything you want to include? Such as personal opinion on certain things.
J.J: Hmm, yeh, keep on doing what your doing with NGGL, so far it's been the league with the best admining I've ever seen, so much kudos to you for that.

NGGL]Dronzer: Ok, Thank you for your time and we'll see how it goes tonight at the war.
J.J: Thanks for the interview!!

lol my epic 1st interview Very Happy
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Interview by NGGL]Dronzer Empty
PostSubject: Re: Interview by NGGL]Dronzer   Interview by NGGL]Dronzer EmptySun Dec 21, 2008 8:05 pm

nice to read^^
But i think you maked them nervous now about getting the first place Razz
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Interview by NGGL]Dronzer
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