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 week 6 predictions

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PostSubject: week 6 predictions   Fri Apr 24, 2009 4:23 am

Last week, c4p tried to predict the results and FAILED (at least in NgP-myR xDD Razz )! This week I'll try to do a better job. Smile

Week 6

Denmark iG 4:0 France WoS - This was already an allkill by iG.myWa. (gz) I am very surprised to see WoS loosing that hard - but we (NgP) have better chances to get on the finals - same like the champion of Season 2 iG
Germany myR 4:2 USA CANADA InfC - After their defeat last week against NgP, myR tries to get back into victorious position - even if they don't need it anymore. Highly recommended to watch this CW!
Germany NgP 4:0 United States MsY - I do not accept anything else than loosing 0 maps, if we still want to qualify for the Finals - this cw will be a good chance for us!
United States vVv 4:3 France w3a - I am quite disappointed cause I thought vVv would be one of the toughest US teams. Now this match does not matter at all. It is hard to bet on a result, but I expect 7 maps with an lucky end for vVv.

United States iNti 0:4 United States KoD - KoD likes to get on the finals and iNti won't be a hard task for them
Germany aX 4:2 South Korea aRi - Dronzer failed: he inved a team to replace ubi, but this team can still reach the finals and it will start with a win against #1 team of group B aRi. the question is: will aX get 1 or 2 points? Highly recommended to watch this CW!
United States vT 0:4 France nGu - nGu is much stronger than I thought. at that match they will show their 3rd allkill!
Latvia Koxx 3:4 Europe sfto - sfto just changed their clantag the 2nd time in this season, but will it improve the motivation and strength of the team? Well, I have several friends in sfto, but I think, they will loose 3 maps at Koxx which would be too much if they like to get on the finals.

Make-Up Matches
Germany aX 4:0 United States vT aX wants to be on the finals and therefore they need an allkill
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PostSubject: Re: week 6 predictions   Fri Apr 24, 2009 4:52 am

aRi 4-1 aX easily
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PostSubject: Re: week 6 predictions   Fri Apr 24, 2009 12:00 pm

aX will not win of aRi, aRi is building up great respect from the wcip qualifiers imo!!
And Mae i doubt iG will get a playoff spot unless we AK msy too
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PostSubject: Re: week 6 predictions   Fri Apr 24, 2009 5:15 pm

oh i hate u now mae ur welcome doubting me Sad

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PostSubject: Re: week 6 predictions   

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week 6 predictions
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