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 PGCup #1 Finale

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PostSubject: PGCup #1 Finale   PGCup #1 Finale EmptySat Apr 25, 2009 8:37 pm

PGCup #1 Finale 2ibddm9

Our first PGCup is on the go! And we're finally at the finals of the cup and currently we had a amazing battle between South Korea Random Chobo[aRi] and Venezuela Orc DE.PrasK just before this with South Korea Random Chobo[aRi] winning 2-0 against the tough opponent Venezuela Orc DE.PrasK. They both came down long ways with Venezuela Orc DE.PrasK defeating tough opponents like South Korea Human Wook[aRi] and Germany Human myR|Energize with ease. This were some stuff he had to say after his final defeat against the amazing Random player Chobo.

Venezuela Orc DE.PrasK - I think i had really hard opponents, like wook on 2nd round and energize on 3rd, i think this cup must be done again but next time with more admins, and updates faster! Still only one admin cant update brackets, find hosts and much more! So overall the cup was fine, i only had a trouble with Mr.Pro (myR.Energize), with a disc etc etc.
still... I Want more PGCUP! In my games, I Played a 30 minutes
game vs Wook on 2nd round sv Orc vs Hu, was rly hard to beat him, after i played energize that was rly easy, and finishing vs Chobo that i didnt knew what strategy do cuz he is random! sooo Chobo GL ! <3

And for the other side, the amazing former Denmark vG Player Finland Human vG.Jon has climbed his way as well defeating hard opponents like France Human StanD and one of the top Singapore Player Singapore Orc Revenant[Army], he had a very epic fighting with Singapore Orc Revenant[Army] at the end to claim his throne in the finals again South Korea Random Chobo[aRi]. Some words both Finland Human vG.Jon and South Korea Random Chobo[aRi] had to say before stepping onto the final battleground.

Finland Human vG.Jon - it's 4 am, i'm fucking tired, i don't give a fuck... just lets get this over with..

South Korea Random Chobo[aRi] - I'm going to play with vG.Jon
Do my Best , but i am noob ..
Gg gL ~

We also had a few words with other participants who were still around to watch the raging finals against GLGLGL South Korea Random Chobo[aRi] Vs Finland Human vG.Jon

Denmark Human Utopi - dunno what to say

France Night Elf Squalo. - well about the cup if ur asking my opinion, wc3 community needs that kind of cup since it gives motivation but should have more admins working on it

PGCup #1 Finale

South Korea RandomChobo[aRi] [2-3] Finland Human vG.Jon
Map: Melting Valley(vG.Jon) , Twisted Meadow (Chobo[aRi]), Melting Valley (Chobo[aRi]), Echo Isles (vG.Jon), Turtle Rock (Chobo[aRi])

PGCup #1 Finale 468_orange
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PostSubject: Re: PGCup #1 Finale   PGCup #1 Finale EmptySat Apr 25, 2009 11:47 pm

Semi-good first cup guys, we had some bumps with brackets and people not showing. Hopefully the next one will run smoother, gg to all of those who played and thanks for your support.
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PGCup #1 Finale
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